Cheer Tryouts

April 30-May 1, 2016

2017-2018 Tryout Packet: Coming Soon!



Tumbling Females

  • Standing Tuck with poms on hardwood floor
  • Series of back-handsprings to a Tuck or Better
  • Running Pass to a Layout or Better

Tumbling Males

  • Standing Tuck

(Males are not required to have a running tumble pass however are strongly encouraged)

Coed Stunting

  • Toss extension
  • Single leg stunt to a single leg body position with a full down or double down dismount
  • Stunt sequence with at least one transition

All Girl Stunting

  • Quick toss to extension
  • Twisting transition to a single leg body position with a full down or double down dismount
  • Stunt sequence with at least one transition

Additional Material:

  • Game Day Evaluation
    • Personal Introduction
    • Fight Song with tuck, stunt, and Hotty Toddy Chant (Click here to view)
    • Game Day Chant *Guys will use megaphone (Video Posted Soon)
  • Formal Interview
  • Fitness Test
    • Girls: Push ups, Sit Ups, Handstand walks, 1-mile run
    • Boys: Push ups, Sit Ups, 300 Meter Shuttle Run, Weigh In


Tentative Schedule

Day 1

Check In/Registration
Game Day Evaluation
Required Stunts and All Tumbling
**First Cut Posted Online**

Day 2
Formal Interview
Fitness Test
**Second Cut Announced**
Transitional Stunt Sequence
**Final Cut Posted Online**

Day 3
All Team Meeting and Practice


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I fix my hair and makeup?
Judges will see you up close and from a far at tryouts. Hair and make-up should be ‘gameday’ ready. You should wear more makeup than on a normal day, but not too heavy. Hair must be up and out of your face.
Males should be “neatly” shaven for tryouts.

Are there any height or weight requirements?
We do not have specific height or weight requirements. On average our COED top girls are 4’11-5’4 and weigh about 95 lbs. to 115 lbs.  Being an Ole Miss Cheerleader requires a high level of athleticism. We will assess fitness level during the fitness portion of tryouts that will include conditioning exercises that will be led by our strength coach.

What will fitness test entail?
The fitness test will be selected by our strength and conditioning coach and will evaluate overall fitness and stamina. This will be the benchmark for the start of our training for the upcoming year, and the new team will progress from there. If you would like to start preparing early, we would suggest a combination of strength training with cardio conditioning that includes short distance sprints and longer distance (2-mile) runs.

What can I do to prepare for tryouts?
Beginning now, you should be working on all aspects of tryouts including skills, game day presence, and interview. Being physically fit is part of being a Spirit Squad Member; you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. We suggest working out with a trainer  and enrolling in a tumbling/stunting classes or privates.  We will have Tryout Prep Clinics throughout the year so that you can understand firsthand what to expect at tryouts. You can register Here. These clinics are a great way to work on skills, receive feedback, and gauge where you are compared to our current team.

What do I wear to tryouts?
Female candidates must wear a sports bra, hot short bottoms, and cheer tennis shoes (mostly white).  No bare feet during any portion of the tryout.
Males must wear a t-shirt, athletic shorts, and tennis shoes.  No cut off t-shirts are permitted at tryouts.
For the fitness portion, tennis shoes are required.

What do I bring to tryouts?
Registration packet information will be updated in the spring. Please check back for full details.You are welcome to bring any items that you would need to freshen up during the tryout process. Please be aware that we do not have a secure storage area for the storage of your personal items. Do NOT bring any valuables with you. You should bring snacks and drinks, as we will have water provided.

Are tryouts open to the public?
No. Every segment of tryouts is closed to outside guests.

Can I bring my own partner or stunt group to tryouts?
No, you must stunt with those that are also trying out for the team.

How many spots are available?
We do not have a set number but look to select 16 coed couples and 25 All Girl members that are all well-rounded representatives for our team. No preference is given to returning members, and all returning cheerleaders must re-audition each year.