Cheer Tryouts

May 13-17, 2020

We are excited that you have chosen the University of Mississippi as your institution for higher education. Tryouts are invitation only for both the All Girl and Coed teams. In order to receive an invitation, you must attend one of our college prep clinics. For more information on our college prep clinics, please visit our cheer camp page. The following information will answer any questions you might have about tryouts.

We are looking for dedicated candidates who are able to represent Ole Miss in a positive way on gameday, social media and in the community. This will include strong gameday performance, ability to lead the crowd, attitude/work ethic, professionalism/speaking skills, physical fitness, academic performance, stunting/tumbling execution and appearance.

All candidates must be invited to attend tryouts. They must be accepted, currently enrolled or have a pending application to the University of Mississippi prior to tryouts.

Material being evaluated:

Fight song and band chant: Proper motion technique, placement and sharpness of motions, voice projection and overall appeal. The fight song requires a standing tuck and a toss extension, lib or full up. The skills will be evaluated on their execution and difficulty.

Tumbling: Standing and running tumbling will be evaluated on execution and difficulty. A standing tuck is required.

Fitness Test: A series of fitness exercises will be performed, including a mile run in under eight minutes.

Interview: Ability to quickly and accurately answer questions about yourself and the University of Mississippi.

Elite Stunt: This stunt sequence will be evaluated on execution and difficulty. It must include one elite skill (spinning or flipping), one transition and one dismount. All top girls must show a double down from a body position.

**Bonus**: Top girls that are able to perform a college level basket toss may do so on the final day of tryouts.